Totality or Bust!

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Trip

Hi! So I recently went to Dallas for my 2024 total solar eclipse trip … AND IT WAS AWESOME! When it comes to solar eclipses, I’ve become a “totality or bust” kind of gal. I mean seeing a partial eclipse is, I suppose, maybe better than nothing. That said, it pales in comparison to experiencing totality! This is the 2nd time I’ve been lucky enough to experience totality and I HIGHLY recommend making the effort to get yourself to place in the path of totality at least once in your lifetime.

What is a Total Solar Eclipse? 

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in between the Sun and the Earth with the Moon completely blocking out the view of the Sun from Earth, resulting in darkened dusk-like skies. 

2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Neat! So When is the Next Total Solar Eclipse? 

Mark your calendars for August 12th, 2026!  According to NASA, that’s your next chance to experience a total solar eclipse. Totality will be visible in Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Russia, and a small area of Portugal. So plenty of time to plan an amazing trip around your eclipse viewing! Personally, I’m feeling Spain as my spot to witness totality for the 3rd time.  And to be clear – you DO need to plan in advance. Lots of eclipse chasers out there (i.e. folks that travel to see eclipses), so hotels and what not that are in the path of totality can book up months in advance.

Protect Your Peepers!

Don’t be one of those ding dongs that stares at the sun without protective eyewear! Even if you don’t feel anything – the solar rays can burn your eyes and lead to permanent eye damage. Be like yours truly and be safe by wearing your “stylish” eclipse glasses if you want to properly appreciate a solar eclipse.

Are you also a totality or bust person? Or are you ready to plan a trip so that you can experience totality? Tell me ALL about it in the comments! And if you want help planning your totally awesome totality trip – let me know! I’m a FORA travel advisor and would love to help you. .

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