The Benefits of Positive Affirmations – and 3 to Get You Started

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of positive affirmations. That said, if you’ve never given a daily positive affirmation a go, the idea may sound a bit silly or even downright awkward to put into practice. However, neuroscience actually supports the benefits of positive affirmations. Read on to learn more and add positive affirmations to your life to increase your vitality! (Never miss a post – subscribe to Adios, Ennui!)

What IS a Positive Affirmation? 

Simply put, a positive affirmation is a phrase you say to yourself (either aloud or in your head) to derail negative thoughts. Now, if you’re in public and you want to avoid getting strangers staring at ya, I strongly recommend going with the “in your head” route. 

“Positive affirmation” may sound fancy, but honestly they’re super easy to come up with. Just pick a positive phrase and repeat it to yourself. You can use positive affirmations for all sorts of situations. Use them to boost your self esteem, motivate yourself to reach your goals, or bring about positive changes in your life. The sky’s the limit here! (If you don’t care about the science, here are 30 FREE positive affirmations for ya!)

The Science – Let’s Geek Out!

The primary psychological theory behind positive affirmations is the Self-Affirmation Theory. The development of this theory led to brainiacs (i.e. neuroscientists) researching whether or not positive affirmations change our brains. Guess what? They do! MRI based evidence indicates changes in the neural pathways of folks that practice positive affirmations. Cool, right?!? 

The Bennies (aka Benefits)

Here are 3 (scientifically backed) benefits of positive affirmations: 

  1. Positive affirmations have been shown to decrease stress. 
  2. Positive affirmations have been demonstrated to increase well being. 
  3. Positive affirmations have been proven to make practitioners more open to healthy behavior change (like exercising more often). 

In a nutshell, positive affirmations can literally help you change the way you think and feel about yourself for the better. Positive affirmations break up negative thinking patterns and build new super highways in your brain for positive thoughts. By repeating positive affirmations, you’re making it easier for yourself to fall right into more positive thinking in the future. Neat, huh? To the extent our perceptions are our realities – wouldn’t it be preferable for that reality to be a positive happy place? Cue the positive affirmations! 

3 Positive Affirmations to Get Going

To reap the benefits of positive affirmations, you just need to pick a positive phrase to repeat to yourself – and you can change your positive affirmation as needed. Your mood and circumstances on any given day will likely influence which positive affirmation feels best for you. You are welcome (and encouraged) to come up with your very own positive affirmations! And here are 3 that I’m digging lately if you want some inspiration or just want to adopt these as your own: 

  1. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”   Did I mention that I’m a Virgo? My perfectionist tendencies were apparently written in the stars. And sometimes those tendencies get in my way by preventing me from even trying. In my head, the negative thought cycle is, “well if it’s not going to be perfect, why even try?” Which of course is NONSENSE and I use this positive affirmation to get over it and just start. 
  1. I am enough.”  There are so many forces in the world that can make us feel just, well, LESS than. And it’s gross. Just ICK.  Use this positive affirmation to remind yourself that while you are a work in progress, you are perfect just as you are in this moment – you are enough. 
  1.  “The Universe is working in my favor.” When it feels like everything is going wrong, it can be easy to think everyone and everything is conspiring against you. I promise you that is NOT true. Use this positive affirmation to remind yourself the Universe is inherently good and working FOR you. 

You can start with one of the positive affirmations above, or come up with your own. The point is to START.  And yeah, you may feel a little silly at first – so what? Repeat your positive affirmation (or affirmations – plural) throughout the day and eventually you will see results. You will literally create new, positive, neural pathways in that beautiful brain of yours!

Love the 3 affirmations above, but maybe not feeling like any resonate with you at this exact moment? Well I’ve got GREAT news for you! Just click the button below to get 30 FREE positive affirmations – I’m sure you’ll find the perfect positive affirmation for you and you will be on your way to vibing at a higher frequency in no time!

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