One Night in Bangkok is NOT Enough! 7 Bangkok Nightlife Tips

Bangkok Nightlife Tips

You’re probably familiar with the song “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head (and if you’re not, feel free to take a moment to enjoy this 80s gem on Spotify). Having recently been to Bangkok, I can say with certainty that one night is not enough. You’ll need more than a few nights just to scratch the surface of the available options. Here are 7 Bangkok nightlife tips for your consideration!

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #1: Rooftop Bars

Bangkok is known for its plethora of rooftop bars. Do yourself a favor and start at least one of your evenings off by catching a sunset from atop one of them! Who hates taking in a stunning view while enjoying a well crafted cocktail? No one. I visited 3 of Bangkok’s rooftop bars during my last visit and highly recommend them all (pro tip – they’re fun after sunset as well). 

Moon Bar:

Moon Bar is located at the top of the Banyan Tree hotel and is located 61 floors above the city. Enjoy premium cocktails and spectacular views of sunsets or city lights depending on when you decide to visit. Note it’s easier to get in if you’re a hotel guest.  The bar Vertigo Too, just below Moon Bar, is also a delight.

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Moon Bar
Sunset at Moon Bar (and Vertigo Too)

Sky Beach:

Sky Beach is associated with the Standard Hotel (although to access it you need to go next door to the Mahanakhon Building). This rooftop bar is the highest in Bangkok, towering 78 floors above the city streets. It’s definitely giving fun retro vibes and the 360 degree views of the city are breathtaking. Note if you don’t make it for sunset, check the website as there are often great DJs spinning tunes late into night.  It’s not free to go up – depending on what time you show up you’ll need to buy a ticket or pay a cover (though the cover becomes a credit you can use at the bar).

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Sky Beach
View from Sky Beach

Tichuca Rooftop Bar:

Tichuca Rooftop Bar is jungle themed. While the views are certainly impressive (the bar is located on the 46th-50th floors of the T-One Building), what really sets this bar apart is the massive LED-Lit “tree” that gently sways behind the bar. If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy photo op – you’ve come to the right place!

Bangkok nightlife tips - Tichuca Rooftop Bar
Tichuca Rooftop Bar

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #2: Restaurants

After catching the sunset at a rooftop bar, it’s time to grab some dinner. Much like you can seemingly throw a rock and hit a Starbucks stateside, the same is pretty much true in Bangkok when it comes to amazing restaurants (including several Michelin Star and Guide offerings). In fact there are so many that I hesitate to make recommendations. Regardless, here are a few places I ate at and enjoyed: 

Eat Me

Though hidden in an alley (or a “side soi” if you’re Thai), Eat Me is a jewel not to be missed. Grab a Thai-inspired cocktail at the bar on the ground floor before you head upstairs for dinner. The food is globally inspired and seasoned with local flavors. 

Sexy Cow

The name probably tipped you off – Sexy Cow is definitely a steak place. Yes, there’s pasta, but this restaurant is truly all about the meat. And it is definitely a sexy vibe inside. If you’re feeling like you want a yummy steak in scenic digs, this is your spot.

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Sexy Cow
Sexy Cow


Great Italian food in Bangkok? Look no further than Biscotti. Fine dining with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs making the pizzas, pastas, and seafood dishes you’ll end up salivating over. Plus, a fantastic wine selection (not always easy to come by in Bangkok).

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #3: Dinner River Cruise

Did you know that Bangkok is nicknamed the “Venice of the East”? The Chao Phraya River is the main artery of Bangkok’s canal system, and a dinner cruise is a fantastic way to take in some of Bangkok’s most well known sights while beautifully lit – including, Wat Arun and The Grand Palace. There are several companies that offer dinner cruises and they typically depart from Asiatique Pier or ICONSIAM Pier (but if you choose one departing from Asiatique Pier you can check out its night market after your cruise – see Bangkok Nightlife Tip #4). I took the White Orchid Dinner Cruise, which also had fun live entertainment involving some live music and Thai dancing. 

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Dinner Cruise
White Orchid Dinner Cruise

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #4: Night Markets

Look, if you don’t go to a night market while you’re in Bangkok, you’re doing it wrong. The night markets are hands down the best way to dive into the city’s unique atmosphere and vibrant culture. The night markets offer a wild variety of foods (hello, scorpions on a stick!), shopping, and entertainment options. Here’s a list of a few that I visited, starting with my favorite, the Chinatown night market. 

Chinatown Night Market

The Chinatown night market is all about the food. Food stalls run the length of Yaowarat Road and the offerings are endless, delicious (and sometimes shocking -again, scorpions on a stick!). This is a foodie’s paradise. The atmosphere is lively and festive, with neon lights and colorful decorations adding to the vibe.

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Night Markets
Chinatown Night Market

Patpong Night Market

So …Patpong is one of the red light districts in the city (see more on that in Bangkok Nightlife Tip #7). That said, the Patpong night market is still worth your while, even if you’re not interested in the seedier offerings. This particular market is all about the knockoffs – fake designer labels from watches to sneakers to purses to dresses. And if you’d like alcohol to fuel your shopping, well there are more bars lining the Patpong streets than you could ever hope to visit in a night (well, not and have a functioning liver after). 

Asiatique Night Market

This night market is on the banks of the Chao Phraya river – which is very scenic and if you happen to take a dinner cruise departing from Asiatique Pier as suggested above – it’s right there when you step off the cruise. This night market has a little mix of everything – food, shopping, and entertainment.

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #5: Sukhumvit Road

Looking for a bar scene in Bangkok for grown ups? Look no further than Sukhumvit Road (particularly around Soi 11). The bar scene here is varied and there’s something for everyone. Want more upscale? Try Above Eleven. Looking for a retro-Cuban speakeasy complete with cigar bar and live salsa music? Havana Social Club is for you (and I highly recommend you check this one out – so fun!).  Need a beer and burger with live music to wash it all down? Check out Bang Bang Burgers. The options here are endless for a fabulous night out on the town. 

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #6 Khaosan Road

If you’re looking to hang with a younger crowd full of hipsters and backpackers and pretty much just full on parties in the street, look no further than Khaosan Road. Khaosan Road is not for the faint of heart! The street is lined with endless bars, clubs, tattoo parlors, and weed shops. It’s loud  – literally music blasting out into the street from every bar and club. Honestly, it’s downright chaotic … and also incredibly fun – if you’re into a bustling, energetic scene bursting with folks getting lit. 

Bangkok Nightlife Tip #7 Red Light Districts

Arguably a trip to Bangkok is not complete without at least a stroll through one of the red light districts. If you’re looking for go-go bars, lady boys, or ping pong shows, the red light districts are where you’ll find those and more.  The two most famous are Patpong and Soi Cowboy, but there’s also Nana Plaza and Soi Twilight (the go to for gay go-go bars). 

Bangkok Nightlife Tips - Soi Cowboy
Soi Cowboy

Bangkok really comes to life at night and one night in Bangkok is definitely not enough! You have a plethora of options to choose from to make any night on the town one to remember. I hope these Bangkok nightlife tips help you create your own incredible nights in Bangkok! Not sure where to stay in Bangkok? Check out my post about the St. Regis! Have a long haul trip with one or more layovers coming up? Check out my FREE guide, “Chair Yoga: Airport Edition” to help keep you feeling great during your travels.

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