My FAVORITE Organic Green Smoothie Mix

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Confession: I was an Athletic Greens (aka AG1) girl for about 2 years. I started taking it because I wanted an easy way to get my daily dose of good green stuff, probiotics, energy boost, and better digestion. And, yeah, it kinda helped with all those things … but at about $92 a month, it felt pretty expensive for something that only kinda sorted helped. It definitely was not turning out to be my favorite organic green smoothie mix.

The Hunt for the BEST Green Mix

So, I started looking for alternatives. I figured there had to be something better on the market (and bonus if that something better also happened to be cheaper). I won’t bore you with all the options I tried before I landed on what I now view as the HOLY GRAIL of green drinks. Literally – this product does everything I need it to do! It promotes healthy digestion (sorry if this is TMI, but I really appreciate being regular). It’s organic, vegan, and sugar free. It boosts your immunity (2 full servings of fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals in every scoop) AND energy (each scoop is jam packed with superfoods). And you only have to take 1 small scoop a day – add it to water (I typically go for about 12 ounces ), shake or blend, and you are good to go. 

My Favorite Organic Green Smoothie Mix

It’s Amazing Grass for the Win!

What is this amazing product I speak of?!? (DRUM ROLL ….) My FAVORITE organic green smoothie mix is Amazing Grass Green Blends Detox & Digest (Amazon link: For me, this variety of Amazing Grass has worked so much better than AG1. Full disclosure, it does taste a bit, well, grassy … and so I add a packet of Truvia into my mix (along with a couple of ice cubes) before I blend it up and drink it down. I start every morning with Amazing Grass and I feel so much better. Better energy, less bloating, and (happily) regular like clockwork. AND it costs WAY LESS than AG1.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a green smoothie mix to start your day, give Amazing Grass a try! While I love the Detox & Digest, there are other varieties (Amazon link: you may want to check out instead. 

Want to know more about my morning routine or how I incorporate Amazing Grass into my day? Drop a comment below or contact me!

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