Get That Hot Yoga Glow (and 4 Other Awesome Benefits)!

Full disclosure – I’ve been a hot yoga devotee for ages and a hot yoga teacher for over a decade.  So yeah, I may be a little biased. But, I also know what I’m talking about and practice what I preach.  And, yes, I do get asked about my skin frequently. What IS my secret for that healthy youthful glow? And OF COURSE skincare products play a role in that … but so does hot yoga. Read on for the skinny and how you too can get that hot yoga glow! 

Wait. What Exactly IS Hot Yoga?

Fair question! Hot yoga is very simply yoga done in a heated room – typically right around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (or 38 degrees Celsius). Like all yoga, a hot yoga practice will help you calm your mind and focus on your breath.  Adding heat to the yoga equation ups the intensity, and also provides additional physical and mental benefits. 

5 Benefits of Hot Yoga 

1. Improves Skin Health – Get that Hot Yoga Glow, Gurl!  

If you feel like you’re walking into a sauna when you cruise into a hot yoga class, you’re not wrong. That sauna-like environment increases how much you sweat, which in turn improves circulation and increases the uptake of oxygen-rich blood by your skin cells. And just like that, you’ve got that post hot-yoga glow!

Bonus: did you know that super sweaty exercise can help REVERSE the signs of aging from a cellular level?!?  True story! It allows your skin to produce more collagen and provides better hydration, which equals less sagging.  Can I get an, “AMEN!”? Umm who doesn’t want less sagging? 

2. Feel the BURN – Hot Yoga Burns More Calories. 

Your non-heated yoga class WILL burn calories.  But if you want to turn it up a notch – add that heat! All that sweat pouring off you in a hot yoga class means your body has to work harder to regulate your temperature and your heart has to circulate more blood. And that means you burn more calories.  I typically torch 300 calories in a 65 minute hot yoga class. 

3. Boosts Heart Health & Lung Capacity

Exercising in a hot room is physically challenging. Period. Your heart and lungs (actually ALL of your muscles) have to work harder … and that boosts your heart rate, respiration, and metabolism! And because yoga focuses on breath, in a hot yoga class you can train your lungs to take in more air, allowing more oxygen to enter your bloodstream and increasing your lung capacity. 

4. Helps Manage Stress and Alleviate Depression

Yoga encourages you to focus your attention inward, increasing self-awareness. A regular hot yoga practice allows the breathing techniques, stillness, and heat of the room to help your body and mind RELAX. This results in hot yogis being better able to manage and cope with stress. Additionally, studies by the American Psychological Association and Military Medicine (amongst others) have found that yoga can help alleviate symptoms associated with depression. 

For another way to cope with stress, check out my post on Positive Affirmations!

5. Increased Flexibility – Let’s Get Bendy!

Ever notice how it’s easier to stretch warm muscles rather than cold muscles? Stretching when your muscles are warm – as one does in a hot yoga room – gives you increased range of motion and improved flexibility. That increased flexibility will only improve over time. Soon some of those yoga poses you could never dream of doing in a cold room will be easier than ever to get into! 

So what are you waiting for?!? The benefits of Hot Yoga are REAL. Simply put, you will feel better – physically AND mentally – and you will look better too. It’s a no brainer.  Once you get that hot yoga glow, there’s no going back. And then people will be asking you for your secret to amazing skin!

Hot Yoga offers a ton of benefits to practitioners – one of which is glowing skin! Read on discover more benefits of getting your sweat on with hot yoga!

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