6 Days in Kauai

Your Ultimate Itinerary

Kauai is pure MAGIC!  Kauai is Hawaii’s utmost tropical paradise with unrivaled natural wonders to explore. From the awe-inspiring beauty of the Napali Coast to the red rock vistas of Waimea Canyon, Kauai offers something for everyone. Whether you want to lounge on unspoiled beaches, hike to take in epic views, or sail alongside humpback whales, you’re guaranteed to love Kauai. Read on for your ultimate itinerary for 6 days in Kauai! 

6 Days in Kauai

Pro Tip: You’re going to want to rent a car to fully enjoy all that Kauai has to offer. Although it’s a relatively small island, the roads circumvent the island – so there’s no way to just cut across. As such, it can take longer than you’d expect to get around.  Book your rental car in advance! If you wait until the last minute you’re likely to have limited options at sky high prices.

Day 1: Fly In and Get Settled 

Kauai has 4 main regions: the North Shore, the East Side, the South Shore, and the West Side. If you’re looking to make the most of your time on the island, making your home base on the East Side is going to be the most convenient because it’s centrally located. Personally, I loved staying at the Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort. It’s the perfect location from which to launch all of your Kauai adventures. 

Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort

Wherever you choose to stay, use your first day to get lei’d (see what I did there?), enjoy a mai tai, relax by the pool, or take a stroll along a beach to decompress after your flight(s). 

Day 2: Take it All In – From the Sky!

The best way to get the lay of the land, and a literal overview of Kauai, is from the sky. For spectacular views of Kauai’s waterfalls, canyons, beaches and stunning coastline, take to the air and book a morning helicopter tour. I went up with Jack Harter Helicopters and cannot recommend them enough. Yes, the helicopter tours are expensive… and SO worth it! Literally nothing compares to seeing the Napali Coast from above. The scenery you take in will linger in your memory like a magical dream. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on taking a helicopter tour of Kauai! 

Pro Tips: (1) if you’re prone to motion sickness you’ll want to take whatever measures needed to help you deal with that; and (2) if you choose a doors off tour (HIGHLY recommend) dress warmly! It’s easily 30 degrees chillier when you get up there and you don’t want your teeth chattering distracting you from the views. 

Post heli tour, grab lunch in Kapaa Town, maybe do a little shopping in the cute boutiques and stores there.  After that maybe take the short drive to check out Opaekaa or Wailua Falls. Alternatively, choose to lounge poolside or on a beach (always a good option when in Hawaii!). 

Day 3: Explore the South Shore

Once you’re up and about, head to the South Shore and make your way to Spouting Horn (a blowhole that’s Kauai’s version of Old Faithful). If you’re inclined to take a hike, Mahaulepu Heritage Trail offers fantastic views of rugged cliffs and sparkling beaches. Then head over to Poipu Beach, which is LOVELY. Perfect for lounging and snorkeling, and often a spot where sea turtles like to sun themselves. Poipu Beach is also ideal for taking in Kauai’s amazing sunsets. 

Oh – and if you’re interested in learning more about Kauai’s exotic flora, the National Tropical Botanical Garden is also nearby. 

Day 4: Set Sail!

The next best thing to seeing Kauai from the air, is seeing it from the sea. On day 4 of your 6 days in Kauai, choose your preferred watercraft (zodiac for the more adventurous and catamaran for more of a pleasure cruise experience) and prepare for an unforgettable journey along the stunningly beautiful Napali Coast. I opted for a sunset sail with Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures and had the most marvelous time! I happened to be there in March towards the tail end of whale season and we were lucky enough to see several whales. Truly incredible! 

Day 5: Enjoy the North Shore from the Land

Now that you’ve seen the North Shore from the sea and the sky, it’s time to get up close and personal with it. First off you’ll want to stop and take in the beautiful view at Kilauea Lighthouse. Then stroll through the shops at Hanalei and consider grabbing a bite to eat.  Make your way to Hanalei Bay to swim, surf, check out the pier, or just stroll along the beach. Looking for a great place to snorkel or just a beach that’s a bit less crowded? Check out Anini beach on your way back to the East Side.  Feel less beachy and more like a hike? Hike part of the Kalalau Trail (note, you’ll need to get a permit to park at the beach where the trailhead begins). 

Hanalei Bay

Day 6: Check Out the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Waimea Canyon (aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) is a beautiful sight to behold. You have the option to simply drive through and stop at the various overlooks and vista points along the way concluding with Kalalau Lookout overlooking the Napali Coast. OR if you’re a hiker, Waimea Canyon has oodles of trails. I hiked the Canyon Trail down to Waipoo Falls and loved every minute of it! It’s about 3.6 miles round trip and absolutely worth it. Note that headed in, you’re mostly downhill, so prepare to feel the burn when you head back and are hiking mostly uphill. Grab lunch at Kokee lodge. 

And there you have it – your ultimate itinerary for 6 days in Kauai!

Have you been to Kauai? Tell me EVERYTHING! Have questions before you book your trip? Ask away! Drop a comment or contact me

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