5 Reasons I LOVE Henry Rose

I don’t know about you, but I can be down right obsessive when it comes to my scent. I am VERY particular about perfumes. My signature scent needs to be timeless, sexy but also leaning towards unisex, clean, and slightly mysterious. I want it to evoke me if you catch a hint of it, even if I’m no longer in the room. Oh and I want not one signature scent, but two, because I like to change it up occasionally. Also, I prefer cruelty and toxin free, because that’s how I roll. If that sounds like a tall order to you – yeah, me too. But then I found Henry Rose and all of my fragrance related dreams came true! Ready to order – use my LINK and get $10 off your order! Still need some convincing – here are 5 reasons I LOVE Henry Rose: 


Michelle Pfieffer founded Henry Rose because she wanted ingredient transparency when it came to perfumes and she realized the only way to obtain that was to create it herself. Have I mentioned I ADORE women who take charge and solve problems? What a boss babe! So with a Henry Rose fragrance you can go on their website and see a complete ingredient list for every fragrance. Nothing to hide here. 


What you will get from Henry Rose perfumes are amazing and memorable scents. What you won’t get are: parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde,  known carcinogens, or known endocrine disruptors. Also, all of the fragrances are cruelty free and dermatologist tested. So you can feel great and smell great at the same time! 

5 Reasons I LOVE Henry Rose

Henry Rose makes scents for you, not your gender. I love this because while I’m certainly feminine, I have zero interest in smelling “girly”. I’ve found that several Henry Rose fragrances perfectly walk that line of truly being gender neutral. As I mentioned above, I have 2 go to scents: Jake’s House and Windows Down. Windows Down to me just smells like summer – it’s all grapefruit and neroli with a mossy floral finish that simultaneously smells clean and sexy. When I’m feeling fun and/or flirty it’s my go to. Jake’s House has more of a misty beach morning vibe, clean and fresh but with a hint of mystery to it. I’m OBSESSED with this scent and it’s my default most days. Honestly, I get compliments all the time when I wear either of them. 


Not sure which fragrance(s) you’ll like best? Well of course you’re not! But Henry Rose thought of that too and so their website has a quiz that will help you find your perfect scent.  Still not sure? You’re in luck – there’s a sample package of the entire 12 scent collection! 


As an admitted travel addict, I really need my favorite beauty products (including perfumes) to come in travel friendly sizes. Seriously, no one wants to mess around with those perfume travel atomizers! Henry Rose makes life easier by offering full sized bottles for home and 8ML travel sprays for when you’re on the go. PERFECT! 

And now you know the 5 reasons I LOVE Henry Rose! If you’re looking for a new signature scent, I’d love it if you used my personalized link to start shopping, just click HERE and get $10 off your order!

If you find a Henry Rose scent you adore, I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a comment and let’s chat unforgettable fragrances. Oh and be prepared – people are definitely going to stop you and ask you what perfume you’re wearing!

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