3 Reasons to Gondola into the Daintree

Daintree National Park is the oldest tropical rainforest in the world! It covers nearly 30,000 acres, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is home to ancient plants and some of Australia’s rarest creatures. In short, it’s a must see and one of the coolest ways to do so is by way of the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. Keep reading for the 3 reasons to gondola into the Daintree! 


The Skyrail terminal is just a 15 minute drive north of Cairns. You do need to book this experience in advance using the Skyrail website. When booking you have a variety of options, including riding the gondola one way and the scenic Kuranda railway the other, as well as upgrading to “Diamond View” which is a glass bottom Gondola.  I recommend upgrading to the Diamond View – being able to look down and see the rainforest below you is incredibly beautiful! If you’re interested in riding the scenic railway, it’s best to take the Skyrail up and the train down. 

Reason 1 – Incredible Views of Daintree

The Skyrail is the best way to get a comprehensive view of the Daintree. There’s really no other way to take in how large this ancient rainforest is. Your journey via gondola is 7.5 km (5 miles) over a breathtaking rainforest canopy ending at the village of Kuranda. There are a few stops along the way where you can hop on and off to explore (and your ticket price includes a short ranger-guided tour at Red Peak).

Reason 2 – Barron Falls

Barron Falls is a mammoth waterfall that flows 250 meters into the rocky gorge below it. While you’ll get a fabulous view of the falls from above from your gondola, don’t miss out on hopping off at Barron Falls station to get a look at the falls from ground level. Truly magnificent views of this colossal waterfall await you at the lookout at Barron Falls station! 

Reason 3 – Kuranda and Koala Gardens

Tropical Kuranda is a quaint highland village at the end of the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. It offers plenty of shops to browse local crafts and Aboriginal art, a variety of restaurants, and 3 wildlife parks (Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld, and Koala Gardens). If petting a koala is on your bucket list, Koala Gardens has you covered! And yes, koalas are just as cute and soft in person as you’ve imagined.  In addition to koalas, you can feed and pet wallabies and kangaroos, and check out quite a bit of other Aussie wildlife at Koala Gardens (including crocodiles). I’m not gonna lie, I LOVED getting to pet Paul the Koala and have my picture taken with him! 

3 Reasons to Gondola to Daintree

And there you have it, 3 reasons to gondola into the Daintree! I hope you love this experience as much as I did.

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