1 Day in Bruges 

This Itinerary is Guaranteed to Leave You Beguiled with this Belgian City

Belgium’s medieval gem of a city, Bruges, is an easy day trip from Brussels. And while 1 day in Bruges is all you need to see the majority of its offerings, you’ll no doubt find yourself falling for its many charms and wishing you could stay longer. Here’s a perfect list of things to choose from to fill your 1 day in Bruges! 

Take a Tour

Personally, I like to get to know a bit about any place I’m visiting. What better way to do that than with a tour? Start your day off in Bruges with a morning tour to get the lay of the land and a taste of the city’s history. Expect to spend about 2 hours on any of the guided walking tours. I recommend springing for a combined walking tour and canal boat trip – allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the fairytale-like scenery surrounding you.

1 Day in Bruges Itinerary
Touring Bruges

Grab a Beer (and Lunch) at De Halve Maan Brewery

You cannot visit Belgium and not enjoy a beer! Once upon a time Bruges had over 50 breweries! However, now there’s only one left in the Old Town – and it’s a beauty. De Halve Maan has been in the beer making business since 1856 and is famous for its Brugse Zot. If you love breweries, consider taking the tour (just be sure to book in advance). 

Take in the View

Walk off lunch (and those beers) by climbing to the top of the Belfry of Bruges – aka the Belfort. It’s 366 steps to the top of the 83 meters high tower that looms over Market Square. The view from the top is breathtaking – on a nice day you can see clear to the North Sea. 


Stroll Market Square

After your hike to the top of the Belfort, take a stroll around Market Square. Enjoy the surrounding medieval-style multi-colored houses with their stair stepped roofs. The restaurants surrounding the square offer typical Belgian delights (fries, mussels, beer, and waffles). Note – they cater to tourists (translation: great ambience, but high prices). 

1 Day in Bruges (Itinerary)
Market Square

Visit the Church of Our Lady Bruges and Feast Your Eyes on a Michelangelo

The Church of Our Lady Bruges is an architectural masterpiece easily identified by its beautiful belltower and impressive flying buttresses. And inside awaits you Bruges’ most prestigious piece of art, a marble Madonna and child sculpture by the Renaissance master, Michelangelo. 

Church or Our Lady of Bruges


No trip to Bruges is complete without sampling and buying chocolate! If you are a chocolate lover, there may be no better place for you on the planet than Bruges. It has 60 (SIXTY!) chocolate factories, with many well-known chocolatiers established in the city offering a stunning array of artisan chocolates. Be sure to check out Dumon and The Chocolate Line. Pro-tip: save room in your luggage to bring home chocolate and remember that it makes a fantastic gift for friends and family. 

After all of the above, if you still have time, Bruges is chock full of museums (some quite quirky – including museums dedicated to french fries, chocolate, and … um … torture) and art galleries through which you can wander to your heart’s content. 

Your day in Bruges will inevitably involve a lot of walking (indeed, certain parts of the city are completely car-free) and often on cobblestone streets. So definitely keep that in mind when choosing your footwear.  If visiting in the summer, have your sunscreen handy and consider a wide brimmed hat or even a parasol for shade. You’ll thank me later! 

With the itinerary above, you’re bound to have a grand time during your 1 day in Bruges! If you go – please drop me a comment below and let me know what you loved most. 

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